Brands want to hear from you!

Ever needed help at a store and been totally ignored? Ever wished that your favourite brands understood you better? Do you want them to deliver more of the experiences that delight you?

We all have dozens of customer service interactions every day. When they’re good, they make life easier and brighter—like when a sales advisor helps you find the perfect gift, or when a barista always remembers your name and your order. But when customer service is bad, it can waste your time, cost you money, and ruin your day.

Become a store performance evaluator with Albatross CX and help us make service better! By visiting stores and sharing your experiences through online surveys, you’ll be improving the quality of customer service in your area and around the world, and earn rewards for doing it. Our missions pay in cash and/or gifts, plus the knowledge that you’re doing something to make everyone’s days just a little bit brighter.

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